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The tikanga approach acknowledges whānau:

You are your own expert – Mana Ātea works alongside whānau, allowing them to share their journey and experience. This enables the foundation for cultural safety and supports participation.

We are part of your journey – Mana Ātea brings skills to the table that help whānau navigate the referral, the service being proposed, and the process that occurs. Allowing the opportunity to ask questions, share information and knowledge to form a relationship.

We respect you, and your whānau – Mana Ātea works within a values-based, strengths-focused approach of practice. Māori concepts and understandings are seamlessly integrated in the design and delivery of all services.

Whānau are in the best position to determine their own needs and goals, and to plan their future. They have the mana to choose the supports they need; when, where and how they want them.

The lives of whānau are enhanced when they determine and control their own supports, to the extent they desire.

Mana Ātea supports the notion that in the right environment, with the right people surrounding and nurturing them, all whānau can and should flourish; irrespective of the cultural group to which they belong.

The wisdom of Tikanga Māori shaping solutions to create impactful lifestyle change.

Mana Ātea ensure whānau is always in control of:

the supports they

when, where and how they receive those supports, and

who provides those

Supporting and empowering whānau

Working at Mana Ātea

Whiria he kaha mou, Whiria he kaha tuamanomano mo te whānau